Second meetings held


April 11, 2016


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We had our second CC meeting for both Dodge Center and Plainview, we learned about flowcharts and variables. We drew out ‘walking flowcharts’ and worked on projects. Several members got to level up, including one who has made it all the way to Level  4. We also had several new members at Code Club Plainview. Those wished to review any of the CC talks can do so on the new CC talks page here.



Okay we need a variable…….



Working Hard at CCDC


So many ants….


Making stuff with Scratch…

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Plainview Meeting 4/25

We held our Third meeting on monday, we learned about structuring our programs, and worked with “pretend” robots using flowcharts to “program” them. Those wishing to review the presentation can find it here. We also found some time to work on individual projects and ponder the light cube.      

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Code Club Dodge Center Announcement


March 16, 2016


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The April meeting for Code Club Dodge Center, has been moved to April 7th.  The May meeting will be held on the 16th as scheduled. Normally, C.C.D.C. meets the second Thursday of the month. This change does not change the  April workday, 4/28. This change is to allow setup of the Dodge Center Library’s spring book sale.

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